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Re: kern/46900: can't receive packets on wm interface

Another observation: pinging wm0 over my LAN takes about twice as much
time as I'd expect, consistently over a millisecond when it should be
around half a millisecond; but pinging wm1 over my LAN takes well over
half a second (!).  The two interfaces are connected to different
ports in my wall and I forget how the whole thing is wired, but I see
the same behaviour if I switch the connectors, so obviously this
abysmal performance of wm1 is independent of the wiring of my LAN.

I haven't tried this with FreeBSD but I will soon if I find time.

If you have any other tests you'd like me to run, let me know soon,
because I may cease to have physical access to this machine in the
next few days.

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