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Re: kern/46900: can't receive packets on wm interface

   Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 20:43:57 +0200
   From: Manuel Bouyer <>

   what does netstat -i show ?

For a while it showed some ipkts and opkts on wm0, and opkts but no
ipkts on wm1.  But then after futzing around for a while and switching
ethernet cables and tcpdumping, I saw some ipkts on wm1.  I don't
remember exactly what I did while futzing around, but it seems now
that if I have *both* ethernet connected to my LAN, then they both
work.  However, if only one is connected, then it's only wm0 that
works; wm1 doesn't.

I also messed around with the BMC to find why it is sharing wm0 when
it has its own MAC and its own PHY and its own ethernet port.  I
frobbed some switch in the IPMI nonsense that I think means it will
really only try to use its own dedicated ethernet port and not the two
ports for wm0 and wm1 on the mainboard.

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