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Re: misc/40398 (RSS news feeds should include content)

On Dec 21,  7:40am, Marc Balmer wrote:
} Am 31.07.11 12:57, schrieb Martin Husemann:
} > On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 07:49:12AM +0000, 
} >> The RSS feeds mentioned in all contain 
} > 
} > All of them seem to only contain title, date and link, no content.
} > 
} > I would also suggest to consider switching from RSS to ATOM, as (at least
} > in the ancient version used on some still popular modern
} > browsers from a company well known for a non free operating system still
} > can not display this feed.
} Ok, I understand what you mean.  I though the OP pointed out that the
} feeds were empty, which they are actually not...
} Not sure if having feeds with such low frequency as here is desireable
} at all, though.

     Why does the frequency matter?  The only question that matters
is:  are they being used?  And, I believe the answer is yes (I do know
one person that uses them directly).  Also, the pkgsrc-changes isn't
low frequency.

}-- End of excerpt from Marc Balmer

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