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Re: kern/45179: NetBSD disklabel does not support devices larger 2 TByte

On Jul 25,  4:05pm, 
( wrote:
-- Subject: kern/45179: NetBSD disklabel does not support devices larger 2 TB

|       The partition size and the offset fields in the disklabel structure for 
patitions is only 32-bit.
|       If you have a larger disk or stripe some disks via raidframe, you may 
end up in a disk bejong 2 TByte.
|       In such a situtation the current implementation of the NetBSD disklabel 
makes makes everything behind the first
|       2 TByte unavailable.
|       Accedently the value is not clamped to 0xffffffff by the disklabel 
program. The additional bits are simply dropped
|       and this can result in a very small disk size, if the real size is e.g. 
0x204000000 (-> 0x0400000).
|       The problem also appears on (external) HW-raid-controler that offer a 
large "disk" that should be partitioned by the
|       operating system into smaller peaces.
| >How-To-Repeat:
|       Stripe some disk with raidframe. You will get problems putting a 
disklabel on it if the size exceeds 2 TByte.
| >Fix:
|       A new version of the disklabel structure is needed with 64 bit fields 
for the partition information and at least some other
|       disk describing fields.
|       The kernel and other disklabel-processing programs - such as disklabel 
- must be extended. (I do not know the complete
|       list of affected programs till now - sorry)
|       Accedently I need this "now", but have no time to port it. Sorry.

Can't you use wedges and gpt?


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