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re: port-sparc64/38949 (under emul_netbsd32 on sparc64 some applications die with segfault)

   |    On May 19,  7:05am, (matthew green) wrote:
   |    -- Subject: re: port-sparc64/38949 (under emul_netbsd32 on sparc64 some 
   |    | hmm, what happens if you don't have /emul/netbsd32?  ie, just copy
   |    | those /bin/ksh or /bin/sh files somewhere and run them as is.
   |    | 
   |    | /emul/netbsd32 is probably going to be going away as being used.
   |    | i haven't really thought deeply about this, but, i don't want to
   |    | keep two methods of 32 bit support around and the new one is much
   |    | better, so it's likely this will disappear.
   |    | 
   |    Static binaries are not supported then. Not that I will miss them but...
   |    Linux provides both.
   | how does /emul/netbsd32 affect static binaries?
   The /emul/netbsd32 userland portion of netbsd32 does not matter but the
   kernel part matters for both. I think that the userland portion of
   /emul/netbsd32 should be just handled by symlinks to the compat directories.

how does it matter?  the new work i've done for 5.0 for sparc64/amd64
makes it not required at all, AFAIK.  i do not have a /emul/netbsd32
on any of my machines anymore, and everything works for me on both
amd64 and sparc64.

"options COMPAT_NEBBSD32" itself is entirely necessary, but afaict,
it doesn't need to ever look in /emul/netbsd32 anymore.


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