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Re: lib/41223: libcurses: curs_set and move do not cause refresh on getch

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 05:25:02AM +0000, Jed Davis wrote:
>  I've prepared a patch to make the change I proposed (of removing the
>  is_wintouched check), and in minimal testing it appears to work.  See
> , or below:

I do not think this is the correct thing to do.  It is unacceptable to
force a refresh of the window for every character as this may mean, in
some very dumb terminal cases, a redraw of the screen.

SUS v2 is not clear on the expected behaviour and I, personally, don't
hold a certain other curses package as being authorative on curses

A peek at the Open Solaris curses code shows they perform a fflush on
the output file descriptor after the tput - I think that would be a
better solution.
Brett Lymn
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