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Re: xsrc/40521: current build fails (xorg/xkbdata / colemak)

My CVS update logs showed no errors at all (nothing fatal) and did
show other updates inside xsrc, so I know it was going down there,
but doing an update manually now (when nothing should have changed
in my copy of the repository since my last automated update a couple
of hours ago) updated another 100 or so files, ending with a conflict
which should never happen, as I never touch files in these trees manually,
only by cvs update) about an Imakefile cvs claimed was "in the way" and
that I should move.,..

Something is/was clearly very broken in my current src tree, I'm
going to throw the whole thing away and check it all out again.

Thanks for taking the time to look, and apologies for making you
waste that time.


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