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Re: lib/40346: libexpat should be in base.tgz

In former times, with X11R6 from xsrc, we had problems with pkgsrc
applications mixing shared library versions from /usr/X11R6 and
/usr/pkg. pkgsrc evolves faster than common system installations,
and newer software wants features only present in libraries provided
by pkgsrc. Worst offenders were freetype and fontconfig iirc, perhaps
Mesa, don't remember details.
To avoid this from happening again we should only put these libraries
into public namespace which are "NEEDED" by X11 libraries which
are comprising our base X11 support. Not those which are only used
by X11 programs in /usr/X11R7/bin.
So all external/pkgsrc software would have to use the pkgsrc version.

best regards

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