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Re: kern/37425: fss_snapshot_mount panic during fsck

Juergen Hannken-Illjes wrote:
As I noted before you cannot (any more) vnconfig a snapshot backup. You always have to use the fss device. So $ vnconfig -r vndX /.../SNAPBACKUP
        $ mount -o ro /dev/vndXa /NEWDIR
should become $ fssconfig -c fssX / /.../SNAPBACKUP
        $ mount -o ro /dev/fssX /NEWDIR

Thanks. Now your earlier statement makes sense. :-) I'll adjust (or rewrite, since I no longer remember how it is really supposed to work) the script to use /dev/fssX rather than the vnode devices and make a new PR if that exhibits problems.

Should we keep this PR to track that it crashes with the vndX device (and I can try and hack together something which more clearly exhibits the issue), or should we close this one and I'll make a new one to track the "vnd shouldn't work" issue?

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