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Re: lib/39215: getdevmajor()/major() types don't match

On Aug 6,  9:49pm, (Matthias Drochner) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/39215: getdevmajor()/major() types don't match

| said:
| > I think PRI macros should be used otherwise if you use casts, this
| > will silence the truncation to int for long for example. 
| OK, I've introduced PRIdevmajor... I've left the casts for now
| where special formatting is done, where the minor number is
| interpreted as device unit (which is "int" throughout autoconf -
| I'd say a devunit_t would go a bit too far), or where I'm not
| sure about portability (some userland tools).
| I din't like the PRI stuff too much because it looks ugly,
| but if it the only clean way...
| (ignore the udf patch)
| best regards
| Matthias

Looks better. You fixed some printfs but not all of them, why?


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