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Re: port-powerpc/39257: Mistake in sys/arch/powerpc/powerpc/trap_subr.S file

> Tim Rightnour pisze:
> >  I looked at the file at the location you mentioned, but I don't
> >  think the current code in CVS matches whatever you are looking
> >  at.  The line numbers you gave don't match up.  Can you please
> >  either tell me what the CVS revision number at the top of the
> >  file you are looking at is, or look at the most current one,
> >  which is
> Dear Tim,
> Thank you very much for quick answer. You are right, I was looking at 
> trap_subr.S v1.59.
> In v 1.64 the line numbers are 540-547.
> Lines 540 and 541: in my opinion the contents of R1 are not used anymore.
> Line 544: change of the contents of R2 results in incorrect value loaded 
> into R1 in line 547.

It would probably be helpful if you quoted the actual code and gave
a bit more context, such as which function you are talking about.
The reason I say this is that in revision 1.64 of trap_subr.S, lines
540-547 look as follows:

_C_LABEL(tlbdlmsize) = .-_C_LABEL(tlbdlmiss)

/* LINTSTUB: Var: int tlbdsmiss[1], tlbdsmsize[1]; */
        .globl  _C_LABEL(tlbdsmiss),_C_LABEL(tlbdsmsize)
        mfspr   %r2,SPR_HASH1           /* get first pointer */
        li      %r1,%r8

which is probably not what you wanted to indicate.


- Havard

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