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Re: port-i386/38220: NetBSD 4.0 REL (LARGE_INSTALL) won't boot properly on HP proliant DL380 G3 (3.20 GHz uni)

Jared D. McNeill wrote:
Carl Brewer wrote:

Has this been fixed at all in any more recent versions? (at all?)
I have a proliant ML350 G3 that is showing the same symptom, boot hanging at the same time.

I'm downloading some newer ISO's to see if they fix it, but that's a bit of a random brute-force approach!

I fixed a similar issue recently I think on a DL360 -- you might want to give -current a try.

I'm trying to pull down a nightly build iso of 4-0 at the moment, should I abort the download and grab -current instead?


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