Index of netbsd-bugs for November, 1999

11/01/1999 bin/8724: markup errors on man-pages bin/8725: suggestions for bsd.{info,man}.mk for man pages generated from info bin/8726: missing man-pages
Heiko W.Rupp bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab
Heiko W.Rupp Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab pkg/8728: lavaps broken on sparc
ww181302@zodiac.mimu kern/8729: FM801 audio device driver
jnilsson@ludd.luth.s bin/8730: use locales in /bin/ls
Frederick Bruckman Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto kern/8731: Too many power on/off cycles of PCMCIA cards bin/8732: csh -n dies from seg fault
Heiko W.Rupp Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab
David Brownlee Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto
D.Thomas@vthrc.uq.ed bin/8733: man pages should be in machine-specific directory bin/8734: bad titles for man-pages bin/8735: man pages have deprecated(?) section or volume bin/8736: standardize 'magic' for man-pages bin/8737: many machine-specific man page are missing the .Dt machine part
matthew green re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab
Y. Takizawa port-sparc/8738: make with BOOTP failure
Matthias Drochner Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in
Heiko W.Rupp Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab
Charles M. Hannum Re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab pkg/8740: perl5 Time/Date formatting module pkg/8739: add package devel/p5-MD5 kern/8741: Need to reassert drawer lock after bus/device reset bin/8742: -current builds with warnings in file(1)
matthew green re: bin/8727: can't mount all nfs filesystems at once with noauto in fstab
Martin J. Laubach kern/8743: Crash: uvm_fault
11/04/1999 pkg/8744: emacs pkg won't build in -current on x86
bsh@grotto.iijnet.or install/8745: nfs install fails when distribution directory is not remote expor misc/8746: missing zero(4) pkg/8747: PostgreSQL installs man pages in ${LOCALBASE}/pgsql/man instead of ${
Ben Wong bin/8748: audioplay exits on empty string arguments ""
11/05/1999 pkg/8749: need a package for squirm
Martin J. Laubach bin/8750: /bin/date sometimes an hour off when setting date pkg/8751: add new package cgilib-0.5 to category www
Andreas Wrede kern/8754: add pci vender SIIG and devices
Dr. Lex Wennmacher pkg/8755: kdebase-1.1.2 installs it's own `rman' pkg/8756: majordomo-1.94.4 produces warning message during build pkg/8757: Upgrade to PostgreSQL port-i386/8758: sbdsp_halt_output: failed to halt
dave_daniels@argonet port-arm32/8759: reboot command on RiscPC corrupts CMOS memory
Martin J. Laubach kern/8760: Crash: page fault trap
Klaus Klein port-mips/8762: sigreturn() vs. lazy FPU context switching problems
Michael Richardson misc/8763: dhclient aborts if it can't find a specified interface pkg/8764: squid package RFEs
Mike Pumford port-arm32/8765: EtherN/EtherI card support + EtherH media Support
Frederick Bruckman kern/8766: mounting _any_ nfs file system causes panic pkg/8767: dependencies not removed after 'make reinstall' of depending pkgs bin/8768: ftp(1): User-Agent field doesn't conform HTTP/1.1
Klaus Klein port-mips/8770: mips softfloat name space pollution port-alpha/8771: tcds card redenders dec3000/400 unable to boot properly
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni kern/8772: Domex DMX-3191D scsi host adaptor
Johan Danielsson bin/8773: sort doesn't newline terminate error messages
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/8777: multiple patches failing in /usr/pkgsrc
y-nakaga@nwsl.mesh.a kern/8778: NEC PCI modem support
johnam@mail.kemper.o pkg/8780: devel/bin/pth update bin/8781:
11/12/1999 security/8782: pkgsrc module for BIND-8.2.2-P3 (security workaround for BIND)
Aymeric Vincent bin/8783: host(1) crashes due to bad commandline parsing
Antti Kantee kern/8785: ext2fs revision 1 not supported
kjetil@thomassen.pri port-arm32/8786: Prep file for RISC OS is not included with Install documentati
kjetil@thomassen.pri port-arm32/8787: Prep file for RISC OS needs to be updated
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/8783: host(1) crashes due to bad commandline parsing
Simon Burge port-alpha/8788: COMPAT_OSF1 on alpha requires COMPAT_13
Ingolf Koch pkg/8789: postgresql does not link on -current sparc port-vax/8790: IPv6 for VAX bin/8791: mountd is bozotic pkg/8792: add mk.conf option to link bash statically lib/8793: ld.elf_so symbol breakage port-vax/8794: Wrong tape device in 1.4.1's VAX installation instructions
11/14/1999 pkg/8795: gnome-core doesn't build on NetBSD/alpha 1.4.1
Takahiro Kambe pkg/8796: update bind8 pkg to 8.2.2 patchlevel 5
Antti Kantee lib/8797: login(1) mysterious behaviour
Havard Eidnes bin/8798: libpcap LP64 problem -- can't read files from LP32 tcpdump
Bernd Ernesti port-i386/8799: Wrong attachment of the Host Bridge at cardbus0
Mario Kemper pkg/8800: xemacs breaks after libc update pkg/8801: thttpd-2.05 pkg
Dr. Lex Wennmacher lib/8802: vis(3) does not correctly encode characters > 0177 pkg/8803: please add new package gphoto-0.4.0 to category grahpics
y-nakaga@nwsl.mesh.a kern/8804: Add support Adaptec ISA-PnP SCSI card AVA-1502P pkg/8805: Please update Makefile for ham/tfkiss
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8806: pkgsrc/games/baduki: replacing gtk10 with gtk+
Tracy J. Di Marco White misc/8807: typo in src/share/man/man4/Makefile
Luke Mewburn port-alpha/8808: DS10 doesn't find rootdev correctly
Johan Danielsson bin/8809: some makefiles doesn't use CPPFLAGS
Philip J. Tait port-pmax/8810: Bug (misfeature) report
jeffr@virtualempire. bin/8811: quota.user file grows to 4.2 gig with small number of users. kern/8812: USB audio does not work on ohci
Eric Mumpower bin/8813: sh manpage omits details of 'read' builtin pkg/8814: majordomo-1.94.4 can't find digest script kern/8815: unable to remove some empty directories on lfs filesystem kern/8816: pppd sez: serial port only 7-bits when only 1 ppp interface configur
Richard Earnshaw port-arm32/8817: pmap.c won't compile pkg/8818: typo in Packages.txt
SUNAGAWA Keiki pkg/8819: update of apache package to 1.3.9 with mod_ssl-2.4.8-1.3.9
Martin J. Laubach kern/8820: Crash: Page fault in worklist_remove / softdep_disk_write_complete
Matthias Scheler pkg/8821: "make update" fails to reinstall all packages
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8822: pkgsrc/xv/patches/patch-png3 is missing RCS tag
Manuel Bouyer kern/8823: panic: pool_get(lfsinopl): free list modified
Steve Peurifoy port-hp300/8824: year 2000 problem with battery backed clock
11/19/1999 pkg/8825: pkgsrc/print/LPRng fails to install html documentation
Michael Graff pkg/8826: gnupg is out of date misc/8827: doesn't seem to get u bin/8828: ftp(1) needs to send HTTP/1.1 Host: header pkg/8829: cannot build new lesstif with old lesstif still installed port-sun3/8830: sun3x/pmap.c cannot compile after pmap_enter() API change
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu misc/8831: typo in man page for fdisk
Antti Kantee pkg/8832: upgrade vim pkg(s) to 5.5
Bill Sommerfeld bin/8833: gdb "target kcore" command undocumented
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/8829: cannot build new lesstif with old lesstif still installed kern/8834: kern/8835:
Bill Sommerfeld port-alpha/8836: mcpcia w/o sio doesn't work..
Bernd Ernesti port-i386/8837: Borken i386 installboot Makefile breaks the build of an install
nathanw@MIT.EDU bin/8838: tunefs(8) description of softdep option stops mid-sentence.
Antti Kantee misc/8839: is a bit out of date pkg/8840: KDE keyboard repeat problems with wscons pkg/8841: KDE control center missing the buttons configuration buttons
der Mouse kern/8842: [dM] add "scsictl detach" bin/8843: poip keyword for ps does not work.
Erik E. Fair security/8844: /etc/ttys on has not been extended for /dev/tty
Frederick Bruckman kern/8846: ppp with "deflate 8" can cause crash port-next68k/8847: xe0 Rx dma panic
hermit@cs.tu-berlin. kern/8851: ohci needed for USB_DEBUG misc/8853: mtree files need some touching up
Charles M. Hannum kern/8854: USB audio problems with slightly funky device
Charles M. Hannum kern/8855: OSS emulation has block size issues
Charles M. Hannum pkg/8856: No package for FreeBSD ELF emulation
Charles M. Hannum misc/8857: Need `emul' category
Charles M. Hannum kern/8858: Need ATAPI-layer hack for DVD commands
Charles M. Hannum kern/8859: ATA error handling in not quite right
Christos Zoulas security/8860: Scripts in /etc attempt to read from files that are under normal
11/23/1999 pkg/8861: pkglint allows RUN_DEPENDS and LIB_DEPENDS port-vax/8862: xntpd dumps core on 1.4.1 port-vax with an "Illegal Instruction"
Manuel Bouyer kern/8863: filesystem lookup under heavy LFS write
Lennart Augustsson bin/8864: bind doesn't build install/8866: comments on NetBSD 1.4.1 sysinst...
Jason R Thorpe kern/8867: softdeps and NFS -- bad interaction? bin/8868: pax(1) fails on SIGINFO
kowallis@MIT.EDU pkg/8869: Makefile error for pkgsrc/print/lyx
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/8870: double free in ftp
Jason Thorpe Re: kern/8867: softdeps and NFS -- bad interaction?
jens@subzero.campus. pkg/8871: upgrade to version 1.1 of spegla
David Rankin pkg/8872: kern/8873: Tigon Gigabit Card does not configure in Alphapc 164
Michael Richardson port-i386/8874: sys/arch/i386/stand/biosboot_ser does not build
rnestor@augustmail.c port-mac68k/8875: X no longer works on the MacTV
damon.brodie@coventu pkg/8876: package modemd uses /var/spool/uucp instead of /var/spool/lock kern/8877: raidctl -S doesn't display useful info during raidctl -i kern/8878: raidctl -S doesn't display useful info during raidctl -i standards/8879: _POSIX_SOURCE, fd_set, <unistd.h> etc.
11/26/1999 bin/8880: Output from pac not always formatted correctly. pkg/8881: ppp-mppe and apache packages need updating due to openssl update. kern/8882: various raidframe suckage kern/8883: Tekram DC-390 lossage kern/8884: NFS caching error in 1.4.1 kern/8885: raidctl -i being excessively slow bin/8886: sendmail comes half-initialized install/8887: sysinst doesn't clober mbr
Martin Husemann kern/8888: crash with softdep kern/8889: -current LFS corruption
damon.brodie@coventu pkg/8891: Radius package broken
Antti Kantee pkg/8892: misc/watch doesn't compile on alpha bin/8893: possible parsing bug in test?
Michael Graff kern/8895: fork1(9) man page is out of date
Michael Graff kern/8894: fork1(9) man page is out of date port-i386/8896: [rkb] Minor (kernel) Makefile.i386 enhancement pkg/8897: openssl package doesn't install static libraries
Hisashi T Fujinaka pkg/8898: kern/8899: [rkb] CardBus CSC interrupts don't work on TI113X CardBus bridge kern/8900: Add PCMCIA products . TDK LAK-CF010 Ethernet-Card
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8901: pkgsrc/graphics/gqview update to 0.7.0 kern/8902: NetBSD-1.4P can no longer use my ISP1040B SCSI controller
Takahiro Kambe bin/8903: Linked manual pages dose not installed correctly with UPDATE=yes. kern/8904: Linux compatibility signal code is panic-friendly
Bernd Ernesti port-i386/8905: apache core dumps with the current ld.so_elf
Manuel Bouyer port-sun3/8906: 'make build' fails
damon.brodie@coventu misc/8907: options (4) mistake
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8908: pkgsrc/editors/vim problem
rhialto@polder.ubc.k port-alpha/8909: Video unusable on Miata (PWS) pkg/8910: wildcard-depends get not properly registered in +CONTENTS
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8911: old dependencies (imlib-1.9.4) lib/8912: sharutils-4.2, sharutils-4.1 core dumps at vfprintf () install/8913: 1.4.1 mini-root install cannot find sets on local filesystem pkg/8914: pkglibtool build error in pkgsrc
damon.brodie@coventu pkg/8915: Apache pkg compile error
Takahiro Kambe bin/8903: Linked manual pages dose not installed correctly with
Harry W. Waddell pkg/8916: auth2 dies, need patch from coda 5.3.3 kern/8917: Repeated ipfilter enable/disable panics kernel
Chris G. Demetriou Re: lib/8912: sharutils-4.2, sharutils-4.1 core dumps at vfprintf () misc/8919: pkg/8920: audio/splay doesn't build port-i386/8921: ex driver initialization (x86 port)
Chris G. Demetriou Re: sharutils-4.2.1/NetBSD-1.4.1 core dumps
Makoto Fujiwara sharutils-4.2.1/NetBSD-1.4.1 core dumps
Jan-Uwe.Finck@bigfoo port-arm32/8924: port-arm32: use of Cumana SCSI II crashes system
p99dreyf@criens.u-ps kern/8925: A fork bomb trigers a kernel panic pkg/8926: doscmd doesn't build
wrstuden@nas.nasa.go kern/8927: nfsrv_symlink looks up the component name with SAVESTART
Hubert Feyrer port-i386/8928: panic: vrele: ref cnt on 1.4.1-branch pkg/8929: old version of exmh used, resulting in bugs