Index of netbsd-bugs for February, 1999

Jaromir Dolecek standards/6923: va_start() macro can produce invalid C++ cope
Ignatios Souvatzis pkg/6924: PVM package only half ready.
bgrayson@ece.utexas. pkg/6926: xosview-1.7.0 is out!
Patrick Welche,SCC,ext.3 port-arm32/6925: Avoid ecgs compiler warnings
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6927: netstat -s -s incomplete
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6929: ssleay package fails to install properly
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6930: apache package fails to install properly bin/6931: dhcp client scripts should be tagged
Stefan Grefen port-i386/6928: i386 SMP pkg/6932: p5-gtk-0.4 may be hosed
Jaromir Dolecek kern/6933: ESS1868 isapnp audio cards doesn't work with ess(4) driver ... pkg/6934: hexedit 'make install' has bug
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/6935: pkglibtool should include /usr/lib/c++rt0.o to shared libs pkg/6936: Update of gEDA package to 19940124 pkg/6937: pkg_add still doesn't like symbolic links very much
Lennart Augustsson kern/6938: wscons man page is incomplete
Lennart Augustsson kern/6939: ex(4) man page missing
02/04/1999 bin/6940: expand(1) doesn't work with certain filenames kern/6941: ip_len can be smaller than ip_hl<<2 lib/6942: sys/param.h defines "MAX" and "MIN"
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6943: some cleanups for the bytebench package
Christoph Badura install/6947: sysinst can generate bogus disk labels because of swap defaults
Ed Gould bin/6948: multi-volume gnu/usr.bin/tar fails for volumes larger than 2GB
02/06/1999 pkg/6949: addnerd fails in postgresql pkg build bin/6951: Filename completion in ftp fails for filenames including blanks pkg/6952: devel/zlib submission
Dave Huang pkg/6953: top crashes on machines without swap
Havard.Eidnes@runit. port-i386/6954: /usr/mdec/mbr does not always work
Havard.Eidnes@runit. install/6955: FQ hostname should be better supported by sysinst
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6956: fold -s breaks a line too early (patch supplied)
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6957: libedit changes CR and LF control characters (patch supplied)
Benjamin Lorenz pkg/6958: moscow_ml package does not compile on 1.3.3
Benjamin Lorenz pkg/6959: gtk10 does not compile when gtk is already installed
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6961: strftime(3) gives wrong week number (patch supplied) kern/6962: FreeBSD 3.x and "-current" ELF binaries are not supported
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6963: bin/pax doesn't compile pkg/6964: mozilla on the pmax fails to find Xm includes
Havard.Eidnes@runit. bin/6965: /etc/mail.rc should most probably set 'crt'
torppa@staff.megabau pkg/6966: slrn uses /usr/lib/sendmail port-i386/6967: gcc -march=i486 generates bad assembler on x86
erik@mediator.uni-c. port-sparc/6969: pv_unlink0 panics on a SS20
Geoff Wing Re: pkg/6966: slrn uses /usr/lib/sendmail install/6970: binutils fails to compile during make build
Hubert Feyrer Re: pkg/6966: slrn uses /usr/lib/sendmail pkg/6971: Package for PyGreSQL
Charles M. Hannum port-arm32/6973: Problems with X on the Shark
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6976: fix to prevent python package from depending on environment variable
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6977: the python package unconditionally strips the installed python binary
Chris Jones pkg/6978: bugfix for inn
URA Hiroshi bin/6974: fdisk doesn't recognize a 235 of partition id for BeOS
Richard Earnshaw pkg/6979: Top gives incorrect CPU percentage when HZ!=100
der Mouse kern/6980: [dM] getpeername length bug kern/6981: kernel config syntax undocumented
Andrew Brown bin/6982: comm(1) should be able to fold case (ala sort)
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6984: make build fails
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6985: make depend fails in /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/gdb kern/6987: ktrace writes partially uninitialized data to file
Chris Jones bin/6988: New eject(1) program
Denis Melnikov BIND's bug?
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6990: make build fails on sys/arch/i386/stand/lib
Manuel Bouyer Re: BIND's bug?
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6991: regress/sys/kern/unfdpass fails to compile
Andrew Brown Re: BIND's bug?
ruibiao@arl.wustl.ed pkg/6992: Submission of new packages and suggestion for a new category
02/13/1999 misc/6993: xterm termcap entry out of date
Wolfgang Helbig bin/6994: gdb fails to compile pkg/6996: Enhancement to packages system
Marc Horowitz kern/6998: epintr after epshutdown hangs in the driver.
Frederick Bruckman bin/6999: Omission in gnu/games/chess/Makefile
Brett Lymn (Master of th kern/7000: Add identification of a Voodoo2 card
Bjoern Labitzke kern/7002: i386 Kernel build failure since 5th Feb
Jonathan Stone kern/7003: NetBSD sends and receive IP pkts with multicast source address
Jonathan Stone kern/7004: sendto() on connected socket fails pkg/7005: pkgsrc/cross constructs incorrect path for binutils
02/15/1999 pkg/7006: namespace conflict: SYS_INCLUDE
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/7007: pkglibtool strips -l,-L flags from compile line
Rob Windsor pkg/7008: screen 3.7.6 has funky keymapping for ^[
02/16/1999 pkg/7009: mit-pthreads pkg no longer compiles under -current
mason@acheron.middle pkg/7010: gnome-libs
Olaf Seibert kern/7011: INSTALL document imprecisely specifies which AIC-7xxx chips are supp
Eric Fox pkg/7013: ja-micq-0.3.3 Text-based ICQ implementation.
02/18/1999 bin/7014: filecomplition in ftp shows two chars to much (from first match)
Andrew_L. Moore bin/7015: test(1) operator precedence inconsistent with POSIX pkg/7016: xlockmore does not install on alpha.
woods@proven.weird.c bin/7017: portmap can lose log entries if process table is exhausted
jens@subzero.campus. pkg/7018: spegla, a mirror program as pkg
Anders.Hjalmarsson@e kern/7020: POOL_DIAGNOSTIC mis-spelled in sys/conf/files
Frederick Bruckman port-mac68k/7023: typo in MAKEDEV
Curt Sampson pkg/7024: xxgdb doesn't work
Izumi Tsutsui bin/7025: top output is not sorted by cpu value on alpha
Izumi Tsutsui misc/7026: add new pcscp(4) man page port-macppc/7027: macppc, src/sys/dev/pci/if_de.c Endian problem port-macppc/7028: macppc, src/sys/dev/pci/if_de.c Endian problem
02/22/1999 pkg/7030: pty redirection package pkg/7031: vpn package with pppd over ssh pkg/7032: pkg site update: shells/zsh
Izumi Tsutsui kern/7033: diskerr() prints wrong partition name if MAXPARTITIONS != 8 pkg/7034: graphics/tgif update submission
Scott Reynolds misc/7035: Can't build info file for dc(1)
Scott Reynolds misc/7036: `make cleandir' doesn't remove (at least some) info files
mason@acheron.middle pkg/7037: gnucash shell usage oddity
Todd Vierling Re: misc/7035: Can't build info file for dc(1)
02/23/1999 lib/7038: <sys/signal.h> doesn't __RENAME() things that need it
woods@proven.weird.c bin/7041: /etc/security uses un-documented, non-standard, awk variable
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/7041: /etc/security uses un-documented, non-standard, awk variable pkg/7042: make fetch in /usr/pkgsrc behaves strangely misc/7043: small make snapshot problems
David Rankin pkg/7044: Package for trn4-test70
Denis Melnikov PS/2 mouse config
Thilo Manske Re: PS/2 mouse config
Hubert Feyrer Re: PS/2 mouse config pkg/7046: suexec configuration inconvenient pkg/7047: gv depends on unzip pkg/7049: no install-info
david@flossy.u-net.c pkg/7050: Ghostscript 5.50 failing to start-up port-i386/7051: X86 -current boot disks are broken
Matthias Scheler Re: pkg/7042: make fetch in /usr/pkgsrc behaves strangely
David Forbes port-arm32/7052: make build failure on arm32 pkg/7053: netatalk/afpd - 'nforks' gets set wrong
02/27/1999 bin/7054: default lp spool directory inconsistency
Jim Spath pkg/7055: font patch for XPaint 2.5.6
Wolfgang Helbig bin/7056: typo in ctags.1
Wolfgang Helbig bin/7057: netstat -m fails if no memory allocated
Wolfgang Helbig bin/7058: ps shows negative RSS (patch supplied)
Bill Sommerfeld kern/7059: mbstat.m_cl* counts no longer maintained.
Chris Jones security/7060: find and rm
Brett Slager xsrc/7061: alpha Xserver: Interface config error and unaligned accesses
Matthias Scheler bin/7062: syslogd dumps core after receiving remote message
Peter Simons lib/7063: gcvt(3) is missing in NetBSD 1.3.x
Martin Husemann kern/7065: can not bind with SO_REUSEADDR - xntpd fails