Index of netbsd-bugs for August, 1996

Hubert Feyrer misc/2668: login-names >8 chars make no fun
Tatoku Ogaito port-i386/2666: [Ctrl]-8 emits 9 on pcvt
Jonathan Stone bin/2670: Can't get aliasese out of ifconfig?
Lennart Augustsson kern/2669: iostat reports wrong numbers kern/2671: privileged ports bogosity
08/04/1996 port-amiga/2672: Fix for DMA problem in Z3 Fastlane SCSI driver
Kenneth Stailey kern/2673: unnecessary test in vm_fault()
Michael Graff bin/2674: vmstat and systat (:vmstat) break with: vmstat: undefined symbols: _
der Mouse Re: kern/2675: [dM] 8 partitions is awfully few
der Mouse kern/2675: [dM] 8 partitions is awfully few
08/06/1996 bin/2676: truncated initial messages in getty
Kenneth Stailey misc/2677: manual page tweaks for statfs() and getfstat()
John M Vinopal kern/2679: addition of seek stat
Peter Seebach bin/2680: gcc expr bug, fix known
Mike Long Re: bin/2680: gcc expr bug, fix known port-amiga/2681: adutil.c croaks during compile under a 1.1 system
Michael Graff bin/2682: setuid dynamic objects ignore compiled-in library paths
Nathan J Williams bin/2683: disklabel can try to divide by zero bin/2684: rlogin passes wrong termianl speed; pass 960 if 9600.
08/11/1996 bin/2685: In gettytab(5), there is extra `Ta' in description of cl, ev, he entr
der Mouse bin/2686: [dM] mkdir -p -m ignores -m
der Mouse bin/2688: [dM] ps can display tty names ps -t doesn't like lib/2690: problem with manpage for ceil (libm)
der Mouse bin/2689: [dM] chmod(1)/setmode(3) symbolic mode improvement
kashmir@umiacs.UMD.E bin/2691: rdist leaks memory kern/2692: kernel panics after using traceroute
Kenneth Stailey bin/2693: ps reports %cpu > 0 for zombies.
Neil J. McRae port-i386/2694: panic: ptdi 19c023
perseant@hitl.washin port-sparc/2695: cgfour framebuffer will not work with X
Brad Spencer kern/2696: Solaris 2.4 DOOM is able to panic NetBSD-current
John M Vinopal bin/2697: no man page for mailstats
Peter Seebach bin/2698: sh is fragile
Kenneth Stailey bin/2699: larn can't create log file
Geoff Wing bin/2700: route bug
Christoph Badura Re: bin/2698: sh is fragile
Havard Eidnes bin/2701: traceroute may never time out
Peter Seebach lib/2702: isprint() ignores locale settings
root@garbled.futureo port-i386/2704: libc _regerror multiply defined with libcompat
08/18/1996 lib/2703: I think cfmakeraw should reset IMAXBEL.
James E. Bernard bin/2705: pppd returns 0 exit status for most failed connections
Takeshi Nakayama port-x68k/2706: NetBSD/x68k can't boot on 030 based machines
der Mouse lib/2707: [dM] strcoll(3) xrefs nonexistent setlocale(3)
EJ LeCouteur None
Allen Briggs Re: your mail
Scott Reynolds Re: your mail
Peter Seebach bin/2708: enhancement: Warn for invalid declarations of main.
Andrew Wheadon port-i386/2709: gdb can't access kernel-core-files
Tedward Re: your mail
Tedward Re: your mail
Thomas Graichen Re: port-i386/2709: gdb can't access kernel-core-files
Gordon W. Ross misc/2710: Some files in the "base" set should be in the "etc" set.
Gordon W. Ross misc/2711: Some files in the "base" set should be in the "etc" set.
VaX#n8 kern/2713: vfork(2) manpage is out of date
08/26/1996 bin/2714: ftp(1) reports exponential format numbers
Lennart Augustsson bin/2715: man lpd mentions /dev/printer
Christos Zoulas Re: bin/2714: ftp(1) reports exponential format numbers
Manuel Bouyer misc/2717: init man page is wrong
der Mouse lib/2718: [dM] <signal.h> missing some prototypes
PHYS98@Jetson.UH.EDU Autoconfig Info for ASDG Lan-Rover EB-920, also G-Force 040/33
Phillip F Knaack bin/2719: 'badsect' accesses wrong device (doesn't work that way)
Christos Zoulas Re: lib/2718: [dM] <signal.h> missing some prototypes
Todd Vierling Serial port woes? lib/2720: Files missing in /usr/include/g++/std/
Peter Seebach Re: lib/2718: [dM] <signal.h> missing some prototypes
VaX#n8 bin/2721: sh.1 is obscure in places
matthew green Re: lib/2718: [dM] <signal.h> missing some prototypes
Dave Leonard port-mac68k/2722: machine/kcore.h not being created by make includes
Kenneth Stailey bin/2724: newsyslog save log even if number of copies to save is zero
wrstuden@loki.Stanfo bin/2725: Adding driver-specific termios flags