Index of netbsd-bugs for July, 1996

Simon Burge port-pmax/2584: sys/arch/pmax/stand/Makefile out of date.
Simon Burge port-pmax/2583: sys/arch/pmax/Makefile out of date.
Juergen.Fluk@lrz.tu- kern/2585: time accumulated in subprocesses often is bad
Juergen.Fluk@lrz.tu- bin/2586: dynamically linked functions returning structures will not work port-i386/2593: src/sys/dev/isa/sbdsp.c port-i386/2591: src/sys/dev/isa/sbdsp.c kern/2588: /dev/sound misfeature 2 kern/2590: /dev/sound misfeature 1 kern/2589: src/sys/dev/audio.c kern/2592: audio mixer port-i386/2587: src/sys/dev/isa/sbdsp.c
Simon Burge [kern/2585] fixes [port-pmax/2573]
Arne Henrik Juul bin/2594: dc core dumps when setting output base
Dave Huang bin/2595: bc/dc core dump when outputting in bases other than 10
Tatoku Ogaito misc/2596: inconsistency between MAKEDEV.local and MAKEDEV
Michael Graff bin/2597: lpr and NFS-non-root-exported fails
der Mouse port-sparc/2598: [dM] everything before sd*a is read-only
Jonathan Stone kern/2599: svr4_misc.c includes <sys/dir.h>, breaks cross-compiles, should
Jeremy Cooper bin/2636: GCC prefix paths contain extra '/'
Dave Huang bin/2601: rlogin manpage doesn't describe -l option
Kent S. Gordon kern/2602: flock can return EOPNOTSUPP (error in manpage)
John Hawkinson lib/2603: groff -ms macros deviate from AT&T in indentation
John Hawkinson Re: lib/2603: groff -ms macros deviate from AT&T in indentation
07/05/1996 port-i386/2604: supporting advanced pentium architecture functions
Tor Egge kern/2605: udp_output may leave unconnected udp sockets in a connected state
Phillip F Knaack lib/2606: missing include file in domestic libcom_err/error_message.c
Andrew Wheadon port-i386/2607: src/distrib/sets needs updating (tested on i386)
Andrew Wheadon port-i386/2608: aic7xxx_seq.h is not created before "make depend"
jim@santafe.arch.col bin/2609: /bin/sh segfaults if 'cd -' is called before cd'ing bin/2610: restore dumps core on non-native filesystems
Jonathan Stone port-i386/2611: pms manpage doesn't mention protocol translation
Michael I. Bushnell, p/B suggested addition to /usr/share/misc/ port-i386/2612: spkrwrite sometimes overruns given data and plays random music
07/10/1996 bin/2613: vi(1) dumps core
Peter Galbavy lib/2614: install of linkntoa(3) and inet_ntoa(3) inconsistent kern/2616: ip_mroute.c resource leaks, packet corruption
Ignatios Souvatzis kern/2617: some MUSTEKs fill with 0xff instead of 0x20 bin/2618: 'halt' won't work as a login shell bin/2620: init always calls single-user shell "-sh" bin/2619: halt or reboot, exec'd from single-user, hangs system.
Christos Zoulas bin/2621: Rdist cleanups
jtk@NetBSD.ORG port-i386/2622: cannot build i386 kernel with options PCVT_SCANSET=2
John Kohl bin/2623: pppd active filter doesn't grok VJ compression; idle time can be used
MINOURA Makoto port-x68k/2626: X server in color mode cause kernel panic.
MINOURA Makoto port-x68k/2625: Debuger () is called outside of #ifdef DDB - #endif in com.c
Masaru Oki misc/2624: reset(1) failed with TERM=vt220 misc/2627: share/misc/ is inaccurate.
07/15/1996 misc/2628: security loophole in rdist port-i386/2629: "mv" fails on MSDOS filesystem when destination exists
Peter Seebach kern/2630: Possible build problem with libkern (68k?) kern/2633: kprintf, small oversight in kern/subr_prf.c misc/2634: /usr/sbin/chroot is a bogon
Mike Long port-i386/2631: pcvt & pccons too fast for some keyboards
Mike Long kern/2632: audio system supports only one device
Chris G Demetriou Re: misc/2634: /usr/sbin/chroot is a bogon
David Brownlee Re: misc/2634: /usr/sbin/chroot is a bogon
der Mouse Re: bin/2636: GCC prefix paths contain extra '/'
MINOURA Makoto port-x68k/2635: files.x68k has wrong major device entry
Matthias Drochner port-i386/2638: pcvt drv doesn't know cirrus gd5434 VGA chip
Matthias Drochner port-i386/2637: pcvt drv doesn't know cirrus gd5434 VGA chip
Peter Seebach misc/2639: Typo in STANDARDS for creat(2)
kashmir@umiacs.UMD.E bin/2640: rlogin doesn't check bounds when copying env vars
Kenneth Stailey port-i386/2641: ancient 3c505 boards take five seconds or more to reset
Marc Horowitz N1NZU bin/2642: cmp -s prints output if files are missing
der Mouse misc/2643: [dM] manpages think "alternate" means "alternative"
07/19/1996 kern/2644: isa/com driver fails with ispeed = 0
Peter Seebach misc/2645: tputs() prototype or documentation is wrong
Mike Grupenhoff bin/2646: eeprom: another insecure kvm program
07/22/1996 kern/2648: TCP rst's don't honor source routes
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/2649: A3000 hangs when attaching HP Scanjet IIcx
Gordon W. Ross Re: bin/2646: eeprom: another insecure kvm program bin/2650: bc(1) dumps core bin/2651: `make' prints extra leading make: and trailing newline if there is no
Mike Grupenhoff Re: bin/2646: eeprom: another insecure kvm program port-mac68k/2652: Keyboard on PB190cs doesn't respond during boot
David Bronder bin/2653: /bin/sh support for `#', `##', `%', `%%' var expansion modifiers brok
Liang Yu port-i386/2654: test
is@Beverly.Rhein.DE Re: bin/2650: bc(1) dumps core
Peter Seebach misc/2655: pstat usage() misleading
Tim Preston port-amiga/2656: Haddock
der Mouse kern/2657: [dM] vnd can disk_unbusy without disk_busy
der Mouse Re: kern/2657: [dM] vnd can disk_unbusy without disk_busy
David Gilbert misc/2658: send-pr aborts first time.
David Gilbert bin/2659: disklabel dumps core trying to write certain label
Lennart Augustsson bin/2660: Strange ld message
der Mouse port-sun3/2662: [dM] MAKEDEV can't make some useful sd*
Jonathan Stone kern/2661: Fix for PCI etherlink3 packet-receive bug
Kenneth Stailey kern/2663: patch to PINT for HP ScanJet 4p
07/31/1996 misc/2664: The second argument of fgets(3) is not size_t but int. bin/2665: kvm_mkdb may not upgrade /var/db/kvm_netbsd.db on some archs
Gordon W. Ross bin/2665: kvm_mkdb may not upgrade /var/db/kvm_netbsd.db on some archs kern/2667: NQNFS panics in reading client after sync on writing client