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Language barrier should no longer Be your concern anymore!

Title: Newsletter

Communicate in more than 40 languages

Language can be one of the greatest barriers when communicating, but now you don t have to worry! The MUAMA Enence Translator allows two people speaking two different languages to hold a conversation with ease.


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Your Own Interpreter In Your Pocket!

This the one device you won t want to be without when travelling! Use it on vacation, for business meetings or even to learn one of its many languages! It s small enough to easily fit in your pocket and will take your language skills to the next level.

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It works perfectly! I love it. And the fact that it has multiple languages is great! I would recommend it to anyone traveling abroad


In his editorial for the first issue of Space Science Fiction, del Rey declared that the title did not restrict the magazine to fiction about space, interpreting space as "extension in all directions", including fantasy, though as it turned out Fantasy Magazine became the outlet for the fantasy stories del Rey acquired. "Our only taboo will be against dullness", del Rey claimed and, according to SF historian Mike Ashley, "by and large del Rey kept his word".[6] The first issue of Space Science Fiction was put together from what del Rey was able to acquire quickly. He worked with Frederik Pohl's literary agency to find stories, and contributed the lead story, "Pursuit", himself, under the pseudonym "Philip St. John". Other contributors to the first issue included Henry Kuttner, with "The Ego Machine", one of his humorous robot stories, and Isaac Asimov, with "Youth".[3] Del Rey also wrote the lead story for the second issue, under another alias, "Erik van Lhin". The cover layout changed to mirror the inverted "L" format used by Galaxy, the cover artwork being reduced in size and a strip of color at the left and top edges of the cover. Del Rey again obtained material from well-known writers: Clifford Simak, Fletcher Pratt, and Murray Leinster appeared. The issue also included "The God in the Bowl", the first of Robert E. Howard's unpublished Conan the Barbarian stories to be revised for publication by L. Sprague de Camp; de Camp had obtained H. P. Lovecraft's notes on the story, and those were published as well.[6] Later issues featured three serialized novels: H. Beam Piper's Ullr Uprising, T. L. Sherred's Cue for Quiet, and Poul Anderson's The Escape, which was cut short after one installment when the magazine ceased publication. It was later published in full, retitled Brain Wave. Del Rey also bought Algis Budrys' first sale, "Walk to the World", which appeared in the November 1952 issue,[3] and published some of Philip K. Dick's early stories, including "Second Variety", which appeared in the May 1953 issue.[6] Other contributors included Damon Knight and James E. Gunn. Interior artists included Paul Orban, Kelly Freas, Peter Poulton and Alex Ebel; Hannes Bok and Earle Bergey were among the cover artis

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