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Re: NetBSD Mascot Proposal

I tried to not comment on this....

Probably want something that emphasizes NetBSD's strengths, as well as projecting a positive, (youthful?) image.

I'd say NetBSD's strengths are:

1) "It Just Works"  (vast majority of the time)
2) Networking.
3) Security  
4) a clean, coherent architecture  (hey, where is that NetBSD OS Book?)
5) multi-generational machines

There are many more.

Superficially, they are

1) Net
2) BSD

Of those strengths (and/or others), Which are to be represented, and How, in Jay's mascot? 

My bias says 'horns' for sure, in the traditional McKusick style; maybe 3 or 4 figures holding hands in a circle, signifying NETworking.
Something signifying simple, complete Design ('Cathedral'); and from Grandpa VAX down to Baby New machine.

The Goal of doing re-branding would be to attract new contributors & users to the Project --- Popularize.

Should probably be timed with a well-tested Major Release.


On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 5:20 AM Valery Ushakov <> wrote:
Christos Zoulas <> wrote:

> In article <>,
> Pierre-Philipp Braun  <> wrote:
>>> I would like to propose a mascot name and mascot character design for
>>> NetBSD mascot with soon coming release of 10.0:
>>Hello, as a long-time netbsd user I like the idea of gaining a mascot
>>with some dinosaur-like features, however, I hope we can spare the happy
>>and childish smiley-like graphics and hair puff.  As far as I've
>>experienced our user-base are mainly old-school veterans, which is quite
>>the opposite of the depicted character.
> Replace it with grumpy old folks instead? ;-)

  Umarell is a folk term in Bologna referring specifically to men of
  retirement age who pass the time watching construction sites,
  especially roadwork -- stereotypically with hands clasped behind
  their back and offering unwanted advice.


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