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NetBSD machines at Open Source Conference 2016 Hiroshima

The Japan NetBSD Users' Group and XM6i Team members held booth
at the Open Source Conference 2016 Hiroshima on Nov.27 2016:

 Twitter client on X68030(68030 25MHz/12MB) by isaki@
PSG&PCM tunes on NetBSD/luna68k  by tsutsui@


NetBSD/luna68k 7.0.2 by tsutsui@
- LUNA has Z80 sub-processor and YM2149 sound chip
- porting PSG Z80 sound driver for PC6001 to NetBSD/luna68k
  LUNA PSG support code
  - play PC6001 music data on LUNA
  - play PCG voice data via LUNA Z80+PSG

1: X68030 (68030/25MHz,12MB)
 twitter client: pkgsrc/net/sayaka
 Use vala+mBedTLS to decode twitter handshake on x68k.

2: X68060 (68060/50MHz,128MB)

XM6i X68030 emulator by isaki@
1. NetBSD/x68k on MacOSX
2. NetBSD/x68k on Raspberry 3 NetBSD/earmv7hf

NetBSD Tourist Guide:

Demo Images:

More pictures are available on Togetter page:

Thanx for your support NetBSD booth 2016:

and I hope you enjoy NetBSD Advent Calendar 2016:

 Open Source Conference 2017 Osaka:  Jan.27 Osaka,JAPAN

TUNE IN NEXT NetBSD,Same NetBSD-time,Same NetBSD-channel.
Jun Ebihara

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