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Re: continuing offers for 'James'


Thus wrote Jan Schaumann (

> Kevin Lahey <> wrote:
> > Is there something I can do to help?
> I've inquired about this in the past, and our admins have indicated that
> netbsd-advocacy gets the same kind/level of spam filtering as the other
> lists.

This is no longer exactly true. Please be advised that the string "james"
(case independently) in the subject will cause a submission to be
moderated. Sorry Jan :)

Looking at archives, some kind soul put the address of this list onto
a spam mailing list as the address of someone called james in March.
The 'james' spam is quite distinct and doesn't happen to other lists.

Also, the last month of netbsd-advocacy spam has been fed to sa-learn
(the ham too), so non-james spam my also be detected better for a while.


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