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Re: MeetBSD Reminder

On Nov 3, 2008, at 5:03 PM, Brian A. Seklecki wrote:


MeetBSD is two weeks out. At present, only myself and two others from #NetBSD @ Efnet are confirmed.

Will that be the extent of NetBSD representation or is anyone planning to attend?

Thanks, Brian. Just so everyone knows, the meetBSD conference is free to attend and it's the after party that costs $50 dollars for you and a guest and includes dinner. You can register this way on the website by not selecting the party at registering and then choosing Mail-In Payment. We didn't have time to hack the conference software to accept no payment as an option ;-)

Also, we can have a NetBSD table at the Googleplex if anyone is interested in manning the table.


Matt Olander
CTO, iXsystems - "Servers for Open Source"
Public Relations, The FreeBSD Project     
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