Subject: RE: Another Manual ???
To: Andrew Crossley <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/19/2000 12:17:35
On 19-Jan-00 Andrew Crossley wrote:
> Posted on this list due to Herb Peyerl's advice.
> Hello NetBSD people,
> Andrew Crossley from Perth, Western Australia here.

>>        Federico Lupi has produced a new user guide for NetBSD in Italian.
>>        We would like to get this translated into English (and later
>>        other languages).

I think this is an excellent project for people to be undertaking..  and I
think NetBSD as an organization should be attempting to organize what people
are doing.

#1 Federico Lupi has written an italian userguide.. which we need to translate.
#2 Andrew, and others have recently volunteered to write better manuals.

What I really think we need here, is rather than producing n texts, that those
of you working on this collaborate on this.

That being said..  if netbsd is willing to host a private majordomo list for
this.. I'd be willing to administer said list, and attempt to coordinate a
single project.

So I guess the first thing to ask is.. would people be willing to work together
on such a project?  I realize Federico is italian, and that is his primary
language, but I think that barrier could be overcome.

I think at this stage.. trying to hash out a project this large on a public
list will only lead to disaster.. as the infamous kitchen-sink effect starts to
set in.

As far as what my role in this would be.. I'd be offering to admin the list,
coordinate who is doing what, play arbiter and make sure a common goal is set,
and offer technical advice on NetBSD itself.

Tim Rightnour <>
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