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Re: FFSv2ea

Hello Clay,

On 17.01.23 03:27, Clay Daniels wrote:
I've enjoyed trying out the new 10.0_BETA and I've selected the newer FFSv2ea from the partition menu of the installation a couple of times.

If I try this:    #gpt show wd0

I get this:        GPT part - NetBSD FFSv1/FFSv2

Then the next installation I deliberately used the default of FFSv2, I get the same thing. I'm sure I must be expecting the gpt command to do more than it really does. What other commands shows the fast file system in use?


the output of gpt corresponds to the GPT partition type. This is rather generic in my opinion - you can see that FFSv1 and FFSv2 seem to share a code here.

More precise information about the contents of the FFS file system internally can provide the command dumpfs. Attention: this only works on unmounted partitions. For example, it also shows the subtype FFSV2ea. Here is an example:

$ doas dumpfs /dev/dk2 | head

file system: /dev/dk2
format  FFSv2ea
endian  little-endian
location 65536  (-b 128)
magic   19012038        time    Mon Jan 16 16:32:12 2023
superblock location     65536   id      [ 63010452 50c5903c ]
nbfree  5327255 ndir    12306   nifree  16432093        nffree  1132
ncg     354     size    67108855        blocks  66069485
bsize   32768   shift   15      mask    0xffff8000
fsize   4096    shift   12      mask    0xfffff000
frag    8       shift   3       fsbtodb 3
bpg     23697   fpg     189576  ipg     46720
minfree 5%      optim   time    maxcontig 2     maxbpg  4096
symlinklen 120  contigsumsize 2
maxfilesize 0x000800800805ffff
nindir  4096    inopb   128
avgfilesize 16384       avgfpdir 64
sblkno  24      cblkno  32      iblkno  40      dblkno  2960
sbsize  4096    cgsize  32768
csaddr  2960    cssize  8192
cgrotor 0       fmod    0       ronly   0       clean   0x01
wapbl version 0x1       location 2      flags 0x0
wapbl loc0 268463360    loc1 131072     loc2 512        loc3 3
usrquota 0      grpquota 0
flags   none
fsmnt   /export

However, it is reasonable to ask whether the reasons that led to the introduction of the new FFSV2 subtype ea would also require a standalone GPT partition type, or whether the current status is still ok, since nothing has changed in the basic on disk format of the filesystems. Here I do not know however the guidelines. Maybe Chuck can answer that?

Kind regards

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