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Re: About kern/57136, panic assertion, probably a diagnotic panic

Brian Buhrow <> writes:

> 	hello Brad.  In reading about your panics on day 6 of uptime, I wonder if the issue might
> be related to memory allocation?  Specifically, by day 6, I expect that memory allocations in
> the system are pretty fragmented and thus more CPU time is spent doing things like cleaning
> memory, freeing memory and, perhaps, paging.  What happens if you give the domu in question
> more or less memory in terms of its stability?  I'm guessing less memory makes it panic faster,
> more memory makes it stay up longer.  Of course, this is pure speculation on my part and I hve
> no idea what's going on. :)
> -Brian

I suspected that and the DOMU has moved from 8GB to the current 12GB
(living at 10GB for while) and it really didn't seem to make any notable
difference.  The panics appeared to happen at pretty much the same
rate.  I can't discount memory fragmentation, but I can't really say
that is much of a factor either.  The system really should not need
anything like 12GB, and in fact top says that almost 9GB is free at this

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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