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Re: Difference between i915drm and i915drmkms

matthew green <> wrote:
> the old drm code for i915 is probably extremely obsolete at this
> point.  i don't think it works on anything that current does
> (or least, before the latest refresh -- i think there are still
> a couple of blank screens, but i think newer than this code would
> support anyway.)

The old i915 drm code expects to work with the xf86-video-intel-old
driver that is in xsrc.

I only got part way through getting the old driver to build against
the xorg-server that is in xsrc, the xf86-video-intel driver and
i915drmkms kernel code seemed to be working fine for everyone at the
time so I stopped working on the old driver.

I would guess problems seen now are because i915drmkms is taken from
Linux 5.6rc3 and doesn't support newer hardware.

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