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re: Difference between i915drm and i915drmkms

the old drm code for i915 is probably extremely obsolete at this
point.  i don't think it works on anything that current does
(or least, before the latest refresh -- i think there are still
a couple of blank screens, but i think newer than this code would
support anyway.)

the only reason i haven't removed it all is that for old radeon
(R100/R200), some systems can't use new drm and you end up with
both a black-on-black (or similarly unusable) console setup, and
X doesn't work anyway.  there's some problem with LUT setup in
the current code, but there are no public docs and no one with
access to them cares.

removing from configs is probably a decent idea at this point.

kre, this drm hasn't been the "main" drm since july 2013, we've
had linux 3.8, 4.4, and now 5.6 based drm (all have the same
failure mode.)


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