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10.0 BETA modular X11: not found

This PR has the dmesg, Xorg log and xorg.conf

Chronology: 1. I recompiled the kernel with amdgpu, amdgpufb enabled and
now I get hdmi output. 2. My MesaLib was compiled without llvm option that
was leading to some libraries not found by X and amdgpu driver wasn't
getting loaded during startx. Now I have MesaLib with llvm option.

Now I get the error:

MESA-LOADER: failed to open amdgpu: Cannot open

I am using modular X11. I searched through PLISTs, not sure if there is a
package that provides the above file. Is there any reason why this is
missing (if so) in pkgsrc?

Does base X11 provide and is it advisable to use the base X11 for this


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