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Re: NetBSD Xen guest freezes system + vif MAC address confusion (NetBSD 9.99.97 / Xen 4.15.2)

Hi Manuel,

Am 27.05.2022 um 12:14 schrieb Manuel Bouyer:
Paginated processes list:
several processes in fstchg wait, a stack trace of these processes
(tr/t 0t<pid> or tr/a 0x<struct lwp*> would show theses) would help.

So it looks like a deadlock in the filesystem. What is your storage
configuration ?

Thanks for your advice - I did another series of screenshots and prepared the relevant information here:

My storage configuration this time is nothing out of the ordinary:

wd0 (GPT)
 '-- dk0 (NAME:root, FFSv2 with log, contains the root filesystem)
 '---dk1 (NAME:swap)
 '---dk2 (NAME:data, FFSv2 with log, contains VND-Images)
      '-- net.img         (16 GB   sparse file image)
      '-- net-export.img  (500 GB  sparse file image)

Since you bring up the deadlock / filesystem assumption - I did an additional test right away. My original test case uses both CPU cores in Dom0. The modified test boots Dom0 with "dom0_max_vcpus=1 dom0_vcpus_pin" so that only one core is available. With only one core in the Dom0 at least the VM is instantiated (meaning the "xl create" command comes back as expected, and the Dom0 stays responsive for a little while (in contrast to the original test - I was now able to perform "xl list" and did see the VM. Anyway, Once I try to "xl console" I did only get a fragment:

ganymed$ doas xl console net
[   1.0000000] cpu_rng: rdrand
[   1.0000000] entropy: ready
[   1.0000000] Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,

At the "1999," the Dom0 became frozen, again.

Kind regards

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