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Re: NetBSD Xen guest freezes system + vif MAC address confusion (NetBSD 9.99.97 / Xen 4.15.2)

Hi Manuel,

Am 27.05.2022 um 11:14 schrieb Manuel Bouyer:

did you create the bridge0 ?

Yes, it exists:

ganymed$ brconfig bridge0
bridge0: flags=41<UP,RUNNING>
                priority 32768 hellotime 2 fwddelay 15 maxage 20
                ipfilter disabled flags 0x0
                re0 flags=3<LEARNING,DISCOVER>
                        port 1 priority 128
        Address cache (max cache: 100, timeout: 1200):

After the messages appear on the system console, the system does not respond
to any input either via SSH or on the local console. It seems to be frozen.
I can still activate the kernel debugger with Control+Alt+Escape.

Can you get a stack trace, and processes list ?

I took some "screenshots" of the vga console. This was unfortunately the only way because the device has no serial console.

Paginated processes list:

Output of "trace":

Kind regards

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