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Re: CVS commit: src

>> All of these applications depends on the "MROUTING" kernel option,
>> it seems, which is mostly default-off, except for a few (tending
>> on the more obscure side) kernel configs. I wonder if anyone
>> knows the history there.
> I'm not really sure why MROUTING is default off [...]

Isn't MROUTING the kernel support to act as a multicast router,
typically by using the DVMRP protocol, implemented in mrouted.

People operating multicast networks today typically do that using
real routers and variants of PIM.  I don't think NetBSD ever got
the ability to do PIM, nor IGMP3 for that matter, I vaguely seem
to recall there being licensing issues involved, at least for the

Typically, MROUTING isn't needed to *use* most of the non-
routing-focused multicast-based tools, e.g. I run a dbeacon
instance with just a normal GENERIC kernel using any-source PIM.


- Håvard

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