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Re: File system corruption due to UFS2 extended attributes

    Date:        Wed, 25 May 2022 07:52:29 -0300
    From:        Crystal Kolipe <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | FreeBSD and DragonflyBSD are basically the same as NetBSD in terms of
  | disklabel layout, so that issue doesn't exists.

If all OpenBSD are doing is using some otherwise unused space,
then we might never even notice (but I have not looked to see).

I don't know what Dragonfly do, but the last time I looked
(long ago, but I doubt it has changed) FreeBSD labels
contained block numbers relative to the start of the MBR
partition on architectures using MBR.  NetBSD labels are
always relative to the start of the drive (i.e. absolute block
numbers).   That's fundamentally different.

But label differences are a minor issue, easy to work around,
and becoming less and less relevant as time passes and they get
used much less.

Filesystem layout and use differences are a whole other problem
especially when at first glance they appear to be the same
and many things seem to work - but not everything.  It would
be nice to try and reconverge on a common format, and needing
to use an updated magic number is the ideal time to make
that change.  It means more work, and a bigger format change
but if it could be accomplished there is the potential for
long term benefits.


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