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Re: Configure Serial Adapter (Robert Nestor) writes:

>capture system).  The USB-Serial device shows up on boot on the capture =
>system as:

>ugen0: Prolific Technology Inc. (0x67b) USB-Serial Controller (0x23c3), =
>rev 2.00/3.05, addr 1

Means, it doesn't really show up.

>I=92m thinking I need to build a new kernel to get it to show up as a =
>com device before I can capture the serial input.  Can someone give me =
>the lines that need to be include in the GENERIC config file to =
>accomplish this?

The driver has a vendor/product list builtin, and that device doesn't
match anything in that list.

You should
- add this to sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
- Regen the header files with 'make -f Makefile.usbdevs TOOL_AWK=awk'
- add the device to the table in sys/dev/usb/uplcom.c

>And since I=92ve never done this before can someone tell me what I need =
>to do on the test system to direct console output over the serial and =
>what need to do on the capture system to get the results?

That depends a bit on the system. For a traditional PC booting with BIOS
you'd use 'fdisk -c /usr/mdec/mbr_com0' to install a bootblock for
serial console.


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