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Configure Serial Adapter

Working on getting the console output from a system that consistently fails to boot amd64 -current (it boots and runs 9.2 without any issues).  I’ve got a serial (null modem) cable, but I need to go from a serial port (on the test system)  to a USB-Serial converted port (on the capture system).  The USB-Serial device shows up on boot on the capture system as:

ugen0: Prolific Technology Inc. (0x67b) USB-Serial Controller (0x23c3), rev 2.00/3.05, addr 1

I’m thinking I need to build a new kernel to get it to show up as a com device before I can capture the serial input.  Can someone give me the lines that need to be include in the GENERIC config file to accomplish this?

And since I’ve never done this before can someone tell me what I need to do on the test system to direct console output over the serial and what need to do on the capture system to get the results?

Hoping to try and get some useful data here before the 10.0 release as I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one with this particular problem.


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