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Re: Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 build failure

Yesterday, the NetBSD Test Fixture wrote:
>     nbmake[3]: stopped in /tmp/build/2021.
>     nbmake[2]: stopped in /tmp/build/2021.
>     nbmake[1]: stopped in /tmp/build/2021.
>     nbmake: stopped in /tmp/build/2021.
>     ERROR: Failed to make release

kre@ fixed this particular error, but the build is still failing on
i386 and other 32-bit platforms, now with different errors such as

  --- dependall-sodium ---
  In file included from /tmp/build/2021.,
                   from /tmp/build/2021.,
                   from /tmp/build/2021.
  /tmp/build/2021. error: unable to emulate 'TI'
     14 | typedef unsigned uint128_t __attribute__((mode(TI)));
        | ^~~~~~~
  In file included from /tmp/build/2021.,
                   from /tmp/build/2021.
  /tmp/build/2021. In function 'fe25519_mul':
  /tmp/build/2021. error: right shift count >= width of type [-Werror=shift-count-overflow]
    300 |     carry  = r0 >> 51;
        |                 ^~

This is from:

Andreas Gustafsson,

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