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Re: ZFS quota performance issues?

On 8/9/21 12:00 PM, Brad Spencer wrote: writes:

Sorry if this has already been discussed-

I've been using ZFS on current happily for a few weeks now, and apart
from a little weirdness setting it up (wedge changing out from under me;
I think I've got that sorted now) it's been performing well.

However, I just put a quota on a filesystem I created, and any access
(ls, etc) to that file system causes the process to hang in zfscv for
many seconds.  The operation eventually completes, but it doesn't seem
to be a caching issue, because another ls on the same directory makes it
happen reliably.  When I remove the quota, all is well.

Known issue?  Should I pr?  This is in 9.99.87 circa end of July...


Could you be specific by what you mean by "quota"?  Just to be clear
about it all...  I use a number of filesystems that have the quota
attribute (zfs get quota / zfs set quota=something <foo>) set and do not
observe this.  However, there are user quotas too and I don't use them.
I also am using ZFS with 9.x mostly and not -current.  The latest build
I have is 9.99.74 and also does not appear to have this problem.

I was referring to a quota set with 'zfs set quota=500g tank/foo' - but shortly before I got your reply, I realized that the machine with ZFS had been turned into a Xen dom0, and I had only allotted 1G (!) of RAM for the dom0 instead of the full 72GB I had been using previously - and it looks like that was the issue.  Whoops!

Thanks for the reply.


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