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Re: netbsd update expanded kernel with netbsdIleNEk file name

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 02:05:11PM +0300, Andrius V wrote:
> I will retest later today. Steps were simple: booted the latest image
> of that day from nycdn, updated NetBSD installation with all packages
> (system is located in USB media as well, had a bit older current
> system, mbr partitioned). Installation media booted using uefi boot.
> If not reproducible, I guess issue can be ignored.

This needs a lot more details, like:

 - link of the image you booted (note there are various available,
   exact example URL helps)
 - description of the system that you updated (sd? is root, sd? is what
   you booted from? How was the target system partitioned, /etc/fstab
   from the updated system; though some of that may be redundant if
   you answer the item below)
 - what path [in detail] did you go through sysinst? There may be two
   reasonable ones for the kind of update you describe, depending on
   the medium/image you booted.

My persoanl favorite way: manually update kernel first, test boot it
and if all is fine, run the installed version of sysinst to update
the "currently running" system (and let sysinst do the set downloads,
it usually picks the right download link as default automatically).

However, this does not always work for -current if your kernel requires 
modules (it is guaranteed to work for branches, and it also always works
with amd64 GENERIC).

Anyway, if you can reproduce it: please file a PR with above details.



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