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re: HEADS UP: GCC 10 now default on several ports

matthew green writes:
> i saw a report that netbsd-8 can't be built on -current but i'm
> not finding it right now.
> i can confirm this is the case.  you can work around the GCC 10
> inspired issues for now with eg:
>    ./ -V HOST_CFLAGS='-fcommon -O2'

this is likely to remain necessary unless we pullup fixes for
at least make(1), if not more.  i don't think that will happen,
though if someone were to do the work we would consider it.

> but then there is a -current regex vs -8 file magic regex issue.
> christos and i working on fixes for that.

this part is now fixed in the netbsd-8 branch, and the tree can
fully build with HOST_CFLAGS set as above.



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