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Re: IPv6 default route flapping

Jan Schaumann <> wrote:

> So if this is correct, then it looks like (a) the
> router is misbehaving (it should send a NA when we so
> politely ask)

Joerg found the culprit:

It turns out that apparently the router will only
reply with NAs to a NS that originates from a
predicted IPv6 address.  That is, it seems to be
configured to only reply to an SLAAC address derived
from the hardware address (that it knows), not from
the DUID derived SLAAC address.

Changing 'slaac private' to 'slaac hwaddr' in
/etc/dhcpcd.conf did the trick -- now the router
replies with NAs and my IPv6 connection is stable.

Thanks everybody helping me debug this!


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