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re: GCC 10 available for testing etc. in -current.

> > - with no -u (update), and set -V HAVE-GCC=10 as a
> >    option.  this ensures that everything is actually rebuilt
> >    with the new compiler.
> I'm guessing that should be "-V HAVE_GCC=10", but even so I just can't 


> get this to build. I always get the message "cc: error: CET_HOST_FLAGS@: 
> No such file or directory". I'm going to see if I can find where this 
> has come from. Does it ring any bells for anyone?

this is from GDB:

gdb/dist/libiberty/               @CET_HOST_FLAGS@

did you try clean'ing the gdb objdirs?  (both tools and the
build one.)  i think i recall a while back this was a problem
when GDB was updated.


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