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Re: mail/sendmail not relaying on netbsd-9/sparc, problem with OpenSSL update?

On Thu, 8 Apr 2021, Martin Husemann wrote:

> This has now been fixed in -current and already been pulled up to netbsd-9.

Looking at my rolled-back OpenSSL in my test netbsd-9 tree, the old
"crypto/external/bsd/openssl/lib/libcrypto/arch/sparc/" file
conditionalized the assembly files/flags:

.if ${MACHINE} == "sparc64"
MODES_SRCS = ghash-sparcv9.S
AFLAGS.ghash-sparcv9.S+= -Wa,-Av9
.include "../../"

But since the machine in question is "sparc" and there is a separate
"arch/sparc64", the file would be unnecessary for "sparc".

> Thanks for the report!

Thanks for getting it sorted out.

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