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Re: pkgsrc build hang of python38

Hi Lloyd and Chavdar,

Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> On 28/02/21 9:50 am, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
>> python38 hangs during build. I tried several times, it hangs in
>> exactly the same place again. I don't know of course where the issue
>> comes from, since all is new now :)
> Do you have any console messages? Maybe messages about blocking the
> python process because of not enough entropy?
> That's a problem I encountered when I was building Python on current.
> If you are working on the console, then it's all obvious, but if you
> aren't on the console then it's all mysterious.
> If that is your problem, then generate some entropy with something
> like "ls -lR /" and then run
>     dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/random bs=32 count=1
>     sysctl -w kern.entropy.consolidate=1
> See
> for all the details. 

yes, I have an entropy issue, console shows:
[   300.511173] entropy: pid 3383 (python) blocking due to lack of entropy

I wasn't running on console because it is "spammed" with cron message
pam_vprompt(): no conversation functions - dont know where they are
coming from

I remember this discussion past year, now that you tell me. But I it was
related to the fact that random wasn't  initialized well for certain
specific CPU architectures, but then the technical discussion died there.
I don't see any warnings in dmesg during boot that my CPU/Architecture
is missing some support, so I wasn't thinking of it anymore.

I thouht your cited entropy fix was a "once time" not to be reissued
again (when? at every reboot? kernel update?)

I don't think it is that user friendly to recularly "feed" this
entropy... and it gets lost at the next reboot? Could we have a script
on boot?


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