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one more possible speedup for "make -jN sets" in makesums

I finally found and enabled USE_PIGZGZIP.  That's a big help!
(especially with the bigger sets I get with all-static builds)

However the "makesums" part of "make sets" still goes one at a time
because of an explicit ".ORDER:" request.  My added comment asks my

--- distrib/sets/Makefile.~1.107.~	2020-05-30 15:20:31.225318105 -0700
+++ distrib/sets/Makefile	2021-02-18 10:05:39.414690365 -0800
@@ -269,6 +269,8 @@
 		${TOOL_CAT} ${TARDIR}/$$i >> ${TARDIR}/$$i.tmp; \
+# XXX this .ORDER is here "so the checksums come out in the proper sequence.",
+# but as a result they cannot be done in parallel!!!  Sorting after!?!?!?
 .ORDER: ${MAKETARSETS:@.TARS.@do-sum-${.TARS.}@}

I think this would currently also assume/require that nbcksum always do
just one write(2) to generate its whole output (I haven't checked that),
or that the whole process can be changed such that they each write to
unique temporary files that are then collected and coalesced after
they've all run.

Perhaps the distrib/sets/makesums script could also run the (currently)
two nbcksum processes in parallel (e.g. if ${.MAKE.JOBS} is set and
greater than one in the makefile then pass a '-j ${.MAKE.JOBS}' option
to the script).

					Greg A. Woods <>

Kelowna, BC     +1 250 762-7675           RoboHack <>
Planix, Inc. <>     Avoncote Farms <>

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