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zpool import lossage

(I'm testing on 9, but am guessing this is similar on current and will
if anywhere be fixed there and not necessarily pulled up to 9.)

I'm starting to try out zfs.   So far I don't have any data that

On a 1T SSD I have wd0[abe] as root/swap/usr as an unremarkable netbsd-9
system, on an unremarkable amd64 desktop with 8G of RAM.

I created pool1 with wd0f, which is the rest of the 1T disk, about 850G,
not raid of any kind.  I created a few filesystems, changed their mount
points, changed their options, and mounted one over NFS from another
machine, and all seemed ok.  (Yes, I realize the doctrine that "use the
whole disk as a zfs component" is the preferred approach.)

I wanted to rename my pool from pool1 to tank0, for no good reason,
mostly trying to do all the scary things while the only data I had was a
pkgsrc checkout, but partly having seen Stephen Borrill's report of
import trouble.

So I did

  zpool export pool1

and sure enough all my zfs stuff was gone.

Then I did, per the man page:

  zpool import

and nothing was found.  After a bunch of reading and ktracing, I
realized that there is no record of the pool in /etc/zfs or anywhere
else I could find, and the notion is that zpool import will somehow find
all the disks that have zfs data on them, apparently by opening all
disks and looking for some kind of ZFSMAGIC.  But it looked at wd0 and
not the slices.  There was no apparent way to ask it to look at wd0f
specifically.  So I did

  cd /dev; rm wd0; ln -s wd0f wd0

which is icky, but then zpool import found wd0f and I could

  zpool import pool1 tank0

So this feels like a significant bug, and matches Stephen Borrill's
report.  I think we're heading to documenting this in the wiki, or at
least I am.

Does anything think I have this wrong?
Is anyone inclined to do anything more serious?

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