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Re: zpool import lossage

Lloyd Parkes <> writes:

> You should be able to create the symlink in any directory and tell zfs
> import which directory to use.

Thanks for the great hint; it works, reduces ick, and limits scope of
ick.  In a directory searched via -d, all files are searched, not just
whole disks.

> I think that /etc/zfs is used for maintaining certain system state
> information about imported pools across reboots and so I'm not overly
> surprised to see that it is empty after you exported the pool. It
> might just optimise the boot time import of the pool.

/etc/zfs/zpool.cache has a record for each pool of where the devices
are.  It is deleted on export; that's a feature :-)

I updated the HOWTO; see "pool importing problems".

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