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Re: serial console

On Wed, 17 Feb 2021, Darrin B. Jewell wrote:

I honestly hope this isn't related to your problem, but I did make a
change to the amd64 cdrom building recently that is in this area
and may be the issue.

Has something changed recently in the land of serial consoles?
After getting access to the building(!), it seems I now need to add
consdev com0,115200 to each menu item in boot.cfg. (Putting it
on a line on its own seems insufficient - is that a bug?)

This completely slipped my mind, but, it's been an issue for some
time now. Other commands, like `gop' and `rndfile' which could be
put into their own lines in 9.x now need to go into the menu entry
lines for them to have any effect.


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