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Re: zfs howto

On 14/02/2021 09:35, J. Hannken-Illjes wrote:
The trigger is '-maproot' with group(s), first bug is mountd leaving
'cr_gid' as -2 and setting the first group list member to 10 in this case.

Second bug is ZFS setting illegal group id -2 aka 4294967294 to GID_NOBODY
with id -2.  Later this illegal id leads to null pointer dereference
in zfs_log_create() at zfs_log.c:297 "lr->lr_gid = fuidp->z_fuid_group"
where fuidp is NULL.

With the attached diff the ZFS bug gets fixed and your export works.

Fixes my export full root to ERLITE as well - thanks!
I don't have any group or mapping options, so I guess the hardcoded defaults failed.

Could we get ZFS not to actually panic in this instance?
I feel somewhat uncomfortable with ZFS hardcoding these values from user editable configs as well but don't have any good ideas for that.


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