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Re: bmake inefficiencies

On 2/5/21, Simon J. Gerraty <> wrote:
> Mateusz Guzik <> wrote:
>> [External Email. Be cautious of content]
>> Responding to the original mail due to several follow ups.
>> Thanks for fixups so far.
>> Another note related to JobOpenTmpFile:
>>         JobSigLock(&mask);
>>         tfd = mkTempFile(TMPPAT, &tfile);
>>         if (!DEBUG(SCRIPT))
>>                 (void)eunlink(tfile);
>>         JobSigUnlock(&mask);
>> is the signal stuff really necessary?
> It avoids the need to loop dealing with interupts.
> The name seems missleading should be block not lock.

I know what it does, it popped up on truss.

My point is that there are no callers of mkTempFile from a signal
handler (and would argue if any were present, they should be fixed)
and the DEBUG stuff seems to only be set at startup time. iow i don't
see any relevance of signal handling to this code.

>> Apart from that, eunlink stats the path and this has happens in
>> default setting. Instead I propose the following: since mkTempFile has
>> only 2 consumers, passing in the buffer can be made mandatory. Then
>> another flag can control when the routine should unlink the result.
>> This would shorten this callsite to roughly:
>> char buf[MAXPATHLATEN];
>> ...
>> tfd = mkTempFile(TMPPAT, buf, sizeof buf, !DEBUG(SCRIPT));
>> which will also save on memory alloc and string coying as the target
>> routine calls bmake_strdup to accomodate the request.
> Will take a look.

Mateusz Guzik <mjguzik>

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