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Re: Entropy problem [was Re: CVS Problem (again) ,Slightly lesser old code, but old still [was Re: Console problem ,older code]]

I have gotten another crash, simply running ‘pkg_add firefox’

This was on a fresh , blank install of 9.1

This time the crash was in pkg_add itself (‘segmentation fault (core dump)’)

However, I cannot find a pkg_add.core where it happened

I got a message ‘the database in [/usr/pkg/share/applications] could not be updated’ just before.

Kindest regards,


> Le 21 nov. 2020 à 18:59, Germain Le Chapelain <> a écrit :
> On Sat, 21 Nov 2020 00:45:26 -0800
> Germain Le Chapelain <> wrote:
>> the moment I launched midori,
>> Then, kernel panic
> I have fallen back to 8.2 for now.
> It holds!
> I did get the time out once more, I wonder if it is when the device goes inactive for a while, but
> I was ssh-ing to it.
> Aside from that everything is really hunky-dory, (Actually I find it a better experience in comparaison to 9.1:
> . framebuffer on console
> . no extra bootloader menu. Had I messed-up on install?)
> Videos are a little slow in full screen, in spite of i915 seemingly working perfect (>1000fps on glxgears.)
> This is with firefox68.  I'm giving a shot to pkgsrc's as we speak (maybe a couple days of compilation ;)
> Speaking of which this was my 1st time using precompiled binaries.  It is like entering a new dimension :|.)
> I can put up a PR for the crash on 9.1: I kept dump & kernel.
> And.. I will be getting back on -current on Dec 1st!..
> Thank you,
> Kindest regards,
> Germain
> -- 
> Germain Le Chapelain <>

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