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Re: Big-endian mode supported for Raspberry Pi [0-3] with bootable images available (Rin Okuyama) writes:

>On 2020/12/03 21:46, Michael van Elst wrote:
>> (Rin Okuyama) writes:
>>> vchiq(4) and vcaudio(4) are not supported in big-endian mode. This
>>> requires heavy modifications to third party source codes. Anyway, we
>>> will switch to vc4 drm driver, hopefully soon.
>> The vc4 driver is not a replacement for vchiq or vcaudio, but since
>> it kills vchiq, you then also need a hardware driver for audio (and
>> a second one for RPI4 which has different audio hardware).

>Thanks for correction. Yeah, we need independent audio driver in
>that case. I hope that the new driver gets simpler than vchiq...

vc4 is a DRM driver, I strongly doubt that it will be as small and
simple as vchiq. I'm also not that interested in dropping the
firmware functionality.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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