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Re: MAKEDEV ptm devices and /dev/pts

In article <>,
Brook Milligan  <> wrote:
>I notice what appears to be an incompatibility under some circumstances
>between fstab and MAKEDEV.
>- /etc/fstab has an entry for the mount point /dev/pts
>- /dev/pts is not created as part of system installation (unlike
>/dev/altq and /dev/fd, which are empty directories)
>- /dev/pts is instead created by MAKEDEV when ptm devices are created,
>which is part of all) but not init)
>This means that /dev created by init on a memory filesystem will not
>contain /dev/pty (or the ptm* devices).
>There are at least several solutions to this:
>- create an empty /dev/pts directory during installation as is done for
>/dev/altq and /dev/fd.
>- teach init) to also create the ptm devices
>- remove the ptyfs entry from /etc/fstab
>- ... ?
>The first option seems simplest, but if the ptm* devices should always
>be available and ptyfs is supposed to work in all cases, then the second
>option is required.
>What is the best way forward?

Martin just fixed it.


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